at the bottom of the mug this small splash of sweetness a promise of more to come. Advertisements

No one else I’d rather be.

Happiness returns as we slip into the comfort of our old self-sure self. It is as if rediscovering our most loved t-shirt our most faithful little black dress our most outrages-only-we-can-pull-it-off-outfit. This certainty comes from somewhere deep inside. There are no words for the feeling. It simply is. It simply is who we are. Without questioning…

It Starts With Vulnerability. 

The discomfort of vulnerability slides inside of our skin. Unable to take it off it clings like the cheap cotton of underwear after a night spent in a stranger’s bed. Tightly our humility fills us up and we feel unclean, dirty in a way we can’t wash off. The fabric chafes on our stomach, wraps…

Close Your Eyes and Trust Your Instincts.

That moment when suddenly it falls into place. For weeks and weeks you have been fighting an internal battle – you know you are missing pieces of the puzzle and the only way to get to them is to continue. You get up, you find tasks, you clean your house, organize cupboards. It will be okay…

what we find

In this crossroads of transition we arrive for two stolen days in this place of endless childhood, filled (for me) with forgotten habits of playfulness. We wander across low tide stretches of sand our plastic sacks filling with debris and garbage left here by the waves. Our inquisitive eyes finding baby mussels, barnacles, and a…

when she was small.

when she was small she spent her days dirty from tip to toe. She dug holes, made mud pies, splashed, sat, sank, in puddles already knee high. she threw herself relentlessly into the world of dance, adamant from age 3 that it was where her body belonged. her mind a beehive of fantasy; her nose…

Gratitude today

for opportunities that come unexpected. unasked for. unassuming.

A Daily Practice.

Tonight throat scratchy nose stuffy but gratitude a daily practice. and so today it’s thanks for sunny south facing steps cookbooks that endlessly inspire grocery shopping friends who come for dinner chocolate tarts gluten free gnocchi brown butter & parsley sauce red wine belief in the dreams we hold

Jam and Bread; or, everything you need in life

Bread warm from the oven. Jam freshly made, most of it jarred up tight. Yeast the smell of it through the entire house. Patience taken to make both of these pleasures. Gratitude for the simplicity and ease of creating comfort.  

Grateful today

for cars that use little gas island highways that wind next to the ocean fresh snow on mountains sun sneaking through clouds glare from the road once rainy sunglasses in March small bakeries

this here being me.

Familiar rhythms ground us as Sunday morning arrives in Comox. Only hours away from everyday life, it already feels surreal, as if when I return everything will be as it was before I left. This here so familiar – up early at the academy rehearsing. We sweat, we negotiate, we start from the top time…