filled with the sharp pain of leaving

the mail waiting to be opened full of heart
and hope.

“Katherine, we have been thinking about you since we talked – a lot.  We wish you well as you come to the end of your time at Nourish, as you say farewell and take your leave.  I remember reading an article many years ago about ‘edges’. It was a natural history article that talked about edges in nature –places between habitats like meadow and forest – and how rich those edges can be with some of each habitat combining and existing together, often with heightened senses. The writer then talked about the ‘edges’ in life, when we are moving from one place or one opportunity to another, and the riches that can be found there.  I hope you are, and will continue, discovering some of those possibilities and riches for your life.” 

it is for this edge that I am grateful today
this blurred line between one space and the next
it is not where we will be, but neither is it where we came from
pain and opportunity meet here
caught in between
we can see in both directions

thank you to Pat & Wayne [the original number one fans of Nourish] for your kind and inspiring words. thank you as well, to everyone who has been a part of the journey for the last five years.

always, there is only love for you all.


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