Small Blessings; or, project gratitude

Re-energizing this space has been on my mind a lot in the past week. It’s been this itch behind the back of my eyes that runs tingling all the way down to my fingertips. The words that have been written as a way to scratch this itch have drifted on and off the page with no purpose. They, like me, need to have clear direction in what it is they are trying to achieve. They, like me, are in a period of transition but determination. They, like me, are ready to pull themselves up and begin recognizing the value that they have.

This blog began as a way to keep track of travels that surely changed the way that I view the world. It continued as a way to document the shifting landscape of my early twenties as I graduated university, tried out different jobs and finally settled in the places that I have called home ever since. These stories of life have been the lens that creativity has been channeled through, but they address only the need to document the changes within myself.

The thing is, I no longer want to simply write about what is happening in my life. But the need to pull my thoughts and perception of the hazy gray of life into the black and white of text continues. And so slowly a framework has begun to pull itself together.

It will begin with a simple project of gratitude. For every day in March there will be a post for something to be grateful for. Of course it will be coloured with my experiences as I grow and expand, but the challenge is to make this a space where many can find connection, not just those who know me. The goal is, as always, to celebrate the littlest bits, the small blessings that bring us sanity, truth and beauty to our every day existence.




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  1. mckimensart says:

    Sent from my iPhone I am grateful to see this After a frustrating morning of legalese And a meditation app that won’t turn Off! Your thoughts and reading Aaron Thiers Lucky Peach column give me energy To see the accountant G NANCY


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