the anonymity of the morning.

In the blank hours of the morning, when no one really should be awake, the bustle here is startling. Cheerful voices, fast walkers, distracted travellers. Always the anonymity of the airport catches me by surprise. Here we cease to be the creatures who get up each morning with purpose and direction. here we hang precariously balanced between the world of daily duties and the luxury of escape. not yet able to abandon to-do lists neither are we able to continue crossing them off.


all of us brought together in one space, for no common reason other than we have someplace else to be. we all drink coffee, read books, tap studiously on our computers while we wait, life in limbo. the line at starbucks goes on and on. in this moment we all have possibility. we can step off of our planes and be anyone who we want to be when we reach our destination. no one here knows who each of us are, or how we are expected to be.

it’s a good reminder that in life it is like that to. we can be anyone who we want to be as long as we have a place that we are going.  it helps too, to pretend that no one has expectations of who it is we are trying to be because in the end, it is only ourselves who create the expectations that make us who we are.


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