Love at the Beginning – or a Jar of Pear Jam.

Turning pears into neat and tidy, mostly same sized dice for preserves, this moment comes to me:

 – We sit at the window. There are three of us at the table, fluorescent lighting and a yellow bookshelf that dangles into the centre of the room. This bookshelf will  later be moved to the hall where it crowds the entrance for months. And one day, when we can’t take it any longer, Hayley will push the shelves out the door in the middle of lunch service. In the winter after this unceremonious relocation to the patio, a shelf will drop on and break my right big toe while we are renovating. It takes a year to stop hurting. 

But in the moment I know none of this.
I’m here for the first time.  

Nourish is closed for the winter, but it is volunteer day at the garden so the room is bustling with coffee and cookies. Hayley, Dom and I can’t sit still – our enthusiasm and ideas are tripping over one another in their hurry. 

Hayley has just announced she doesn’t like jam.
I slide a spoon and a jar of my pear preserves her way with a sly smile. 

Scotch and sugar

Whisky and jars

Pear Jam with Rosé and Lime

5 cups diced pears (I used a mix of anjou, bartlett, and red pears from the Rootcellar)
1/4 cup Rosé
zest and juice from 1/2 a lime
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 tbsp Pomona’s Universal Pectin powder

Wash four 8oz jam jars. Leave them upside down on a clean cloth. Find lids for them. Sterilize the lids in gently simmering water.

Mix diced pears, rosé, lime zest and juice in a pot on the stove top. Add a good hunk of butter and set over medium heat, being careful to stir frequently. Mix sugar with pectin powder in a separate bowl. Once fruit has reached a full boil (if you stop stirring, the jam immediately starts bubbling again) add half of the sugar mixture. Stir. Add the other half of the sugar mixture. Bring back to a full boil, still stirring frequently. Put in jars. Wipe rims. Screw on lids. Do your dishes. Eat  toast and jam. Smile.


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