Jumping In.

Sometimes (okay often) in my life there are moments that come along and just feel right. People tell me frequently – particularly when I’m feeling down and uncertain about the future – not to worry because I always seem to carry momentum with me where ever I go. They say this as if I have power over when the momentum begins and where it eventually takes me.

In reality, it’s a feel thing. It’s an “I’m-okay-with-not-knowing-where-this-is-going-until-it-feels-right” thing. It’s a rather scary, completely intoxicating, slightly crazy way to live life. But at the same time this gut instinct has yet to let me down; every time I follow it the most important and altering experiences of my life happen.


The beginning of these moments seem to come as though I’ve just jumped off a lakeside cliff, and only after soaring over the edge is there realization that I’m still fully clothed, hiking boots and all. It becomes a mad scramble to shed unnecessary layers and shoes that will only weigh me down. Then I’m naked, which is awesome (read sarcasm) because there are spectators at this show. Vulnerable and still feeling about as (un)prepared as I was when I first jumped off the cliff the water closes up and around my head. Momentum achieved.

I did promise, a week or two ago to keep you up to date on the latest evolutions and directions life is taking me.
So –

2013-09-11 10.01.30

I’ve jumped off a cliff.
The cliff is in Vancouver (no not a permanent move), it’s name is Change Heroes, and I’m so excited for this plunge I have barely been able to sit still for two whole days.

The gig is simple. Monday morning I show up and work my butt off in the Vancouver office for the next two weeks. They threw together a basket of projects for me in a matter of days – what else do you do when a young enthusiast wants to know just how soon she can start donating you her time? She’s insistent to boot – and it means I’ll be getting a taste of everything that goes on at this very, very cool company.

As I said to one of the team members in an introductory call yesterday, “The more I find out about Change Heroes the more excited I get. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like actually getting there next week, my mind is going to be blown!”

Long story short Change Heroes is a business that cares. We help awesome individuals who also care pull together their friends. Then they raise money to build schools in places where they are desperately needed. Kids get educated, receive opportunities, and are given more choice in their lives; all for the price of a coffee a day for three months.

Find out more or start a campaign:: http://www.changeheroes.com 




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