Something Else.

This post was supposed to be about something else. This post was supposed to be about the beauty of Turkish coffee and how I made it this morning for breakfast. The opening was even already written:

The first time was in Istanbul. It was snowing outside (who would have thought it would be snowing in Istanbul?) All we could do was stumble into a beautiful corner cafe on the Asian side of the city, desperately hoping we could warm up our toes. Our toes stayed icy in our boots, but the thick rich coffee was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It forever altered  expectations for me.

But then more than just coffee happens at breakfast.

2013-09-09 09.48.49

“What is the craziest aspiration you have right now?”

Suddenly the game changes. Neither of us know how to answer that question; we can’t quite figure out if it’s because we have so many things we want to do, or if it’s because our aspirations  all seem so normal.  (Most people want to help alter the world right?)

Turns out, I want to give a Ted Talk, dance in full samba gear at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and be a writer.  Kamille wants to take pictures of people and all of their beautiful flaws, be the CEO of a totally badass non-profit, and drink Turkish coffee every morning of her life.

2013-09-09 09.42.54

In this moment we begin to ask for the things we want in life to come our way. By asking, we do more than acknowledge what it is we want; we open up the possibility of accomplishing these crazy, not-so crazy, dreams. We open up the ability to change the way we interact with our world.

2013-09-09 10.14.05

So instead of Turkish coffee, this post is about how we choose to challenge ourselves to meet our goals. It is about how we define who it is that we are, and who it is in our lives that will help us get there. This post is about how a question, thrown out and then passed back and forth over the breakfast table can ignite our ability to create our own future.

What is your craziest aspiration right now?
More importantly: What are you doing today to help accomplish it?


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