Moments of Peas.

Tonight I stand in the sideways light of the setting sun. The pea plants stand taller than my head and I harvest handful after handful of plump, ripe pods. I split one open, carving out the insides, too eager to wait. As the sweetness bursts against my tongue it strikes me that this is perfection.

2013-07-02 18.17.17

This here standing barefoot in the dirt with greenery and stillness all around. This here, this ability to find moments amidst the crazy speed of continually churning life. This here, the wonder of existing exactly as I am within the boundaries of who it is I am choosing to be.

2013-07-02 18.17.40


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  1. paul says:

    I found some peas even among tomatoes. Aggravated and too busy worrying about bills and obligations I took a break and checked in with you. Any help in shifting concerns is invaluable. I then enjoyed a fresh home grown tomato with gusto and calm new appreciation of my niece and nephew. All pea-ful moments are precious.

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