Missing things.

It’s getting close to that time; that time when I will be back in Victoria.

There are things (OF COURSE) that I just can’t wait to do or see.
In no particular order I can’t wait to:

Get my hair cut by my amazing hairdresser Teneel, at Hive Hair.


Go to Habit Coffee. Both locations.


Go to Caffe Fantastico.


Go to Nourish Café & Bistro.


Go to a Friday night roda at Axe Capoeira Victoria.


Ride my bicycle.

Pull weeds in the garden.

Use fresh herbs from the garden.

Eat fresh vegetables from the garden.

Drink out of my turquoise heath mugs.

Be able to get hot water for tea at school.

Run errands in my own language.


And mostly to see all of YOU! I’m imagining a lot of excited jumping up and down with exuberant hugs. I’m also imagining a lot of talking at high speeds and jubilant laughter. And of course I’m imagining just how delighted I am going to be to get to see you all on a regular basis again. I feel a little bit like this:


when I think about seeing your faces.

Now there are also things about here that I am going to miss. Things I’m going to miss so much I still keep half thinking I’ll be moving back (You all said this might happen…), but I’ll leave those thoughts for another post as we get even closer to the date of departure.


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