“Tour de France”

2700 km traveled


187 pictures taken


24 hours in transit


8 days total


5 cities toured


1 lady “toute seule”


All part of an incredible, breathtaking adventure through France. There is no way I’d rather have spent my February vacation. From the bright sunshine of the Côte d’Azure to the foggy battlegrounds in Normandy, this was a week of discovering a few of the diverse and wonderful cities this country has to offer.

I wanted to see France because I’m curious and interested. I wanted to practice speaking the language and learn about the history of different areas. I wanted to eat food from different regions and see the varying types of architecture. I wanted to stand in churches build centuries ago and take walking tours through snowy cities. All of this came together beautifully, and I feel truly blessed to have explored such a large part of my host country.

Something happened however, that I wasn’t quite expecting: at then end of my trip as I stood on the shell shocked ground of Vimy Ridge I felt completely, utterly, and joyously CANADIAN. For the first time I am starting to feel ready to come home. Not quite ready, not yet, but in two more months I will be very happy to be Canada bound. And until then – Happy Sunday!



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