Oh yes – I’m at School too!

Tomorrow is going to be one heck of a day: At 8:30 my negotiation class commences, and lasts all day long until 5:15. (There is however, the obligatory two hours for lunch and two coffee breaks in that time.)


After negotiation will be french class. The most positive part of french class is that I get to spend an hour and a half each Thursday where I understand everything that is said.

And then best of all, after french class, there will be hip hop class! The language of dance is the same all over the world it seems: One, two, close, turn, five, chicken, circle, eight. Nice work, from the top! Leaving the dance studio at 8:30 means missing the last direct bus home, and taking the longer (but still running) number one.


However most of my days are not this long. The schedule is structured differently here. Class times ranging from three to six hours, and are not necessarily on a regular schedule. Part of me (the part that depends desperately on structure) wishes classes were regular so that I could get into more of a routine. Part of me (the part that loves hiking up mountains or going to see horse races) loves it because I have days that are completely free for exploring.


As a general rule, classes are more engaging, and less of our mark depends on doing homework. There is clearly different etiquette expectations when it comes to being quiet in class and giving presentations – students chat to a degree that would not be tolerated in Canada, and presentations are directed to the professor rather than to the other students. It is different, and I try not to instantly think this way is wrong.

We spend more time learning, not facts as we do at home, but general skills that will help us perform well in our professional lives. We are video taped while presenting, given thirty minutes to prepare a group pitch, and asked to build a complete marketing strategy for a business within class time.

My classes range from marketing (the most interesting and engaging) to basic accountancy ( a review that is always worthwhile) and even touching upon HR (making me very glad I chose entrepreneurship not HR as my direction of study).



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  1. Geoff says:

    Beautiful! Just as I remembered it 🙂 I’m not sure how I would be able to cope with the unstructured schedule – probably like you I would enjoy a bit of both worlds. Glad you’re enjoying the program and keeping and open mind!

    Can’t wait to see you on your return!

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