There are something in life that change. Some change quickly, overnight, on a plane from Montréal to Paris. Some change slowly, gradually, without any noticeable shift. Then there are the things that never seem to change no matter where you go or what you do in life.

Between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one I took, almost without fail, the 7:58 a.m. number 7 bus to school every weekday morning. First to Oak Bay Secondary and then to the University of Victoria, if I made the bus I was always on time for class. Ideally, I left the house at 7:52 (you know its cutting it close when you plan according to the minute) to catch the bus without having to run. However, I usually, I left the house at 7:54, which was fine as long as I walked fast. On occasion I left the house at a full sprint, the clock reading 7:57 as the door slammed behind me.

In Antibes, south of France, my bus to school leaves at 08h00. In order to make it comfortably without having to run, I leave at 07h52. However, usually I leave at 07h54. And as I was flying out the door this morning, the clock reading 07h57 as I clattered down the stairs, I was thinking about all of the things in life that just never seem to change.

It’s comforting at the same time it is frustrating – just HOW many years do I need to practice before learning how to leave the house on time? But it’s good too, to know that there are somethings about me that are set in stone: I will most probably always be running for buses in the morning. I suppose that there are worse things in life. IMG_2317


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