Day Tripping

There’s been some day tripping happening over hear recently.

On a brilliantly sunny and warm day we climb aboard the train, and for only eleven euros we get to and from Monaco. It takes just under an hour, and the train takes us right along the water. Everything sparkles in the Mediterranean sunshine, and I make (another) mental note to buy sunglasses.

Monaco is exactly what I expected it to be – wealth and luxury oozes from the very air, and it is clean in a way that I have yet to see a city in France be.


Dropping dramatically into the ocean, the cliffs are breathtaking and one has to think about the ingenious engineering that allowed cities to be built on such steep slopes. We walk up to the prince’s castle, stopping along the way to peak through stone walls


and soak up the sunshine. There is an abundance of greenery, with plants growing riotously everywhere we look. The gardens are gorgeous, and even the lampposts seem more elegant here.


Saturday January 26th finds me in northern Italy.


This too is breathtaking, and something here makes my soul sing. Something in the way the mountains rise continuously as far as I can see, and something too that is simply in the air. Old towns are a maze of twisting alley ways and low hung arches.


We visit the historical town of Dolceacqua


which is complete with a wide expanse of clear water and the ruins of a strategically built castle.


It seems that life just keeps moving here. Already three months have passed since I packed my bags and left Victoria. Each day is still a learning experience from the beautiful glimpses of other cultures to the frustration of trying to live daily life without knowing the ins and outs of society. Half way through my trip, and it doesn’t feel real that I will go back to living in a world where people speak english and cobblestone streets are no more than a fairytale. But like everything, when it is time for that I will be ready. And until then, well Europe, we seem to be getting along just fine.



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