Mother’s Know Best.

Monday is one of the toughest days I’ve had in Antibes yet. I want something, anything, to be easy. But it’s not. Not today anyway. Instead I walk down to the water and sit on a bench, letting the sun warm me up. I just need something familiar today, some kind of affirmation that I am doing okay.

I peer into the mailbox on my way back to the apartment; a letter – for me! Oh Mother, how fitting that I receive your card today.


On the back of the card is the i-ching sign of freedom. It is about seeing new possibilities,


and moving forward with vigilance and deliberate action.


There were three pictures of the family tucked inside as well. Now how’s that for something familiar?

Thank you for the affirmation that I am where I need to be in the world, and that I am in a place of freedom. All I need to remember is to enter each day with the intention of moving forward. Sometimes, we just need to ask for what we need and it will come.


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