What it Looks Like

Sunday looks like this.


It was incredibly peaceful out in the forest at Fontainebleau.


Warm too!


Monday sounds like this

And it looks a little bit like this.


It was a good day for a little holiday crafting.


Merry Christmas all! I’m sending you love from this side of the Atlantic. (Missing you too.)


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  1. nancy mckimens says:

    Thanks for the pictures and we are thinking of you too. We are making tourtiere for this evening, Paul is going to join us. We hope to talk with you tomorrow! Dad

  2. paul switlyk says:

    Merry Christmas Katherine,
    Just had another fun evening at your grandparents yesterday. So good to see them all. Judy looks so wonderfully grownup and settled. She promises me she still acts very silly and childish at times. I know your parents do. And I suspect you can too.
    I’m enjoying your sharing your experience in France. You are a good writer!
    Kelsey loved The Flavor bible for Christmas. Thanks for the suggestion. Keep exploring and enjoying.
    Paul Switlyk

    susspect you still do too

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