A Regular Monday Night…

It is 7:30 p.m. as the curtain goes up at l’Opera Garnier. I’m not going to lie, I bounce a little in my seat – I’m at the ballet in Paris! The opera house itself is exquisitely beautiful with a curving marble staircase, ornately carved paneling and massively intricate chandeliers.



The chairs are plush red velvet, the stage massive, and the history of the building evident both in the creaking wooden floors and the decor.


For me, this is the height of luxury and the epitome of a perfect night out.


Our seats are excellent and I can see the muscles in the dancer’s legs working as they bend and flex. It is some of the most beautifully technical and yet modern ballet I have ever seen. My breath stops more than once and my whole body want to dance. For me, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that compares to the beauty of ingenious choreography performed with true inspiration.

Just a regular Monday night in Paris…



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  1. Dad! says:

    I can’t help think of my mother Judy when I read this. She absolutely loved ballet and dance and took ballet and modern as a young mother. I remember her going to dance class when I was a child. One of her great disappointments in life was that I really never took to dance. If only she could have lived to know her granddaughter!

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