Grabbing Opportunity

Style in Paris is serious. The first thing I notice when I arrive is the men’s shoes. It seems that ever single man in this city has impecible and incredibly stylish footware. It is something you rarely see in Victoria and something I like very much. It takes me longer to notice the women’s fashion – you see well dressed women all over the world, so it doesn’t pop out at me as obviously as the well dressed men. The Parisians do, however, have a special flare.

Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of shopping in the first three weeks. So here is the latest addition to my increasingly stylish, Parisian influenced wardrobe:


Not exactly what you were expecting? It’s true that my wardrobe has gotten much more fashionable since arriving, but I’m particularly excited about this pair of shoes. You see I’ve been wanting to rock climb for a while now, loving the idea of it without having the time. It’s been tough in the past five years to make room for physical exercise beyond capoeira. And so, when I moved to Paris is seemed only logical to pick up rock climbing. Paris + Rock climbing…okay well maybe not the most logical, but I’m ever one to jump at opportunity.

The timing was perfect because Thomas, one of two people who I knew when I arrived, is an avid rock climber. He and most of his friends fill their spare time with climbing both indoors and out. They invited me to go with them almost the minute I entered the city. And so now on Tuesdays and Thursdays I grab my chalk-filled work out cloths, a towel in case I want to sauna at the end, and these well used climbing shoes that fit me perfectly. I head across town and arrive here:


It looks like this inside:


And there is also a restaurant there that makes wicked burgers – they even grind their own meat so I order mine rare. The fries come with grainy mustard and BBQ sauce for dipping, which by the way totally kick ketchup’s butt. It’s midnight by the time I am home, and each time I go I can tell how much I’m improving my how much more my hands and arms ache, and how much exhaustion fills my body.

I am, by the way, totally hooked.


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