One of Those Days…

There are always days like this, whether or not it is the first time you have left home. Days when you wake up with a sore throat, it’s raining, and you find out you spent yesterday in the wrong class, which mostly means you missed a lot of vocabulary that you now need. It doesn’t get better when you get stopped in the metro by a routine check for tickets, and you haven’t yet put a photo onto your brand new metro pass.

It’s days like this that what remnants of a second language you have disappear as if into thin air, and you stare at the woman in the bakery trying desperately to remember the word “quiche.” (Yes I do realize it’s the same in english and in french.)

Yes it’s been one of those days. Two weeks in – it’s all a little less fun and a little more lonely.

On the plus side you discover delicious dried fruit and nuts at the shop where you always buy your apples, your sister reminds you that you can just walk to the pharmacy and get medicine for your cold, and you now understand why there are photo booths in almost all of the metro stations.

So chin up – it was one of those days but it only gets better from here.


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  1. ashburb says:

    You are a trooper Kath! Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery!

    P.S. Please take a hilarious or silly photo for your metro pass! It will be so entertaining and brighten your day next time there is a ticket check! 😛

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