The rest of my time in Montreal passes in a blur.

On Saturday we get up late, eat pumpkin muffins, drink almond milk lattes, and walk to the library. I pull cookbooks off the shelves and read about preserving while Jude looks up terminology about Champagne making for a school project. We roast chicken for dinner.

Sunday we are out the door hustling to get to Lawrence in time to get a table.

My espresso is excellent, we eat fresh made donuts to start, and when our breakfasts arrive the simple plating and homey feel reminds me of something I’d get here.

Sunday afternoon we head over to JB’s parents’ house for some sewing and family dinner. 10 of us mingle throughout the house, peeling carrots, setting the table, and eating bread with butter.

Monday is warm, (+15 C warm!) so I head to a park and read on a bench in the sunshine, meet Geoff Plint for a late lunch, and make creamed chicken and biscuits for dinner with Jude.

Tuesday Geoff and I walk aimlessly in Vieux Montreal, along the empty canal and through the narrow streets.

Wednesday morning there are buckwheat waffles, more coffee, and a quick visit with Pierre before I pack my bags and head to the airport.

En Route to Paris.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Judy Murphy says:

    I miss you Little Bit. What a wonderful time we had!

    Enjoy Paris! And write here often.


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